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But, after talking with dating coaches David Wygant and Lisa Copeland, it occurs to me that women our age may be just as biased against older men as they seem to be against us.After all, most men over 60 don’t look like George Clooney, just like most of us don’t look like Jane Seymour.Is it really realistic to believe that we will find a 65-year old man that dresses well, is financially independent and who loves spending time at the gym?If we really want these things, maybe it’s time for us to take a page from their book and turn the dial on our dating profile back a decade.Many older single women spend a lot of time looking for an attractive, kind, older, single man.While it’s true that some of us find the man of our dreams after 60, the majority of women that I have spoken to are deeply skeptical of this approach.I mean, it’s not like Mafi hasn’t switched up love interests before.

Sure, we might need to put in a little extra work at the gym to build up our bodies (and our self-confidence).Restore Me is told in both Juliette and Warner’s POV so you get a deep look into Warner’s tortured mind.Warner suffers from PTSD (from his abusive asshole father) and anxiety with the presence of panic attacks.There were a lot of critiques of Ignite Me, mainly how Adam’s character changed so quickly and how everything was wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end.I feel like Mafi did an excellent job addressing these issues.They tagged the body “Jane Doe” after the discovery in a rustic grave on the desert floor near Florence, Arizona.The dead female, estimated between 15 and 18 years old, became Doe case number 2278dfaz.The wife knew exactly where the body was, because she had been in the van with her husband, along with their baby, when he drove Ginger’s body to Arizona to bury her.Jacobsen eventually told police that the Jane Doe remains, buried not far from Ginger’s body, were those of a missing woman named Mary Stoddard.You get insight into Adam’s motives and character progression that show you where he was coming from in acting like a complete dick the entire third book.Juliette dealing with the aftermath of becoming Supreme Commander is a main focus this book, and it Let’s talk about Warner: first of all, he is even better in this book.


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