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Dating women with a child Live cam indonesia free 100

If a man finds it to be a red flag that I have teenagers, then I am happy he spotted it and moved on way before contacting me. Having your 25 year old son at home won't be nearly as much of a date killer as this is.

I turned down a number of women who wouldn't have a guy stay overnight because of having kids at home.

Realize, that I also have 2 other teenagers in the home, and I would never consider bringing a man in to my home for an overnight stay unless I was in a committed, long term, relationship.

My children have only met one man I had been dating for several months, and even that was a brief introduction.

If anyone has an issue with this, it is their issue not mine.

I do what is right for me and my family, not some man who is an outsider. My son lived with me for several months when he was 23.

At the time it was a convenient move because his roommate had left and he was unable to afford to live on his own.

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I just do not bring a gentleman to my home to have sex (or a "tap" as you would say) when my kids are around. I will add, that having a 25 yr old in the house, who I can trust, gives me the freedom to leave for a few days if I want.

I'm really glad for that time we got to spend together.

At this point I have never had that bad of a negative reaction to it, but I do approach the subject with skepticism because of my own fears of what their reaction might be. I see that this is just something that I really should not feel umcomfy with and make it known when the time is right... My kids do understand my need to have a male companion now and then.

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I have an adult child, age 25, who moved back home after my husband passed to help me out financially.


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