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To give you an idea of what I was working with, this dude's penis clocked in at over nine inches in length with a circumference of six and a half inches (the average penis size is 5.17 inches).Once, after having sex in doggy-style position with him, I stood up and noticed there was blood coming out of my vagina and down my thighs, all the way to my knees.If you're the receiving partner, lube up, and then gently lower yourself onto the shaft and wrap your legs around your lover.Cowgirl/Cowboy This position works great for larger dicks and dildos, because the receiving partner can control the depth and speed of penetration when they're on top, Dr. After having fun with foreplay, lube up the phallus properly (it can be hot to have the receiving partner do it).Check out more, Side-By-Side Side-by-side sex is incredibly intimate and also prevents super deep penetration when making love to a penis or giant dildo, Dr. Since you're facing one another, it's also incredibly intimate.

To get into cradle position, have the partner with the penis or dildo sit facing upward with their legs straight out and large shaft facing upward.Keep in mind that you can use fire hydrant to warm up for penetrative sex, or simply enjoy it as a stand-alone act."Oral and foreplay are phenomenal in general, fun for their own sake, and not just something to be viewed as steps in a process," Dr. Since I began transitioning five years ago, I was told that the men would go away following SRS because my penis would have gone away.Some post-ops told me this, some men told me this, and a whole slew of pre-ops told me this. After my operation, I changed my profile to clearly indicate that I am a post-operative transsexual.Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy Like the original version, this position works wonders because the person on top can control the depth and speed.Sure, the giver can put their hands on the receiving partner's hips to provide deeper penetration, but ultimately the receiver has the power.And apparently, having rough, doggy-style sex was not the best way to avoid this."Doggy allows for greater depth of penetration, which can be great at times but also potentially painful," Dr. "It's also a position in which the receptive partner has less control of the motion than, for instance, being on top." better).The vagina can expand comfortably to fit all sorts of objects, Dr. You just have to learn the most comfortable positions to accommodate a larger-than-average penis or dildo.So here are a few sex positions that work exceptionally well and won't break your vagina (or butthole, for that matter).


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